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Jan 7, 2004
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Hi all,

I am trying to decide how to prepare for the august MCAT.

I'm a post bacc student and I've taken Chem 1,2 Bio 1 Phy 1 and orgo 1 all within the past year and am currently enrolled in Bio 2, phy 2, and orgo 2... and I've done/doing pretty well in these classes.. so this stuff is relatively fresh in my mind.

My goal this summer is to completely master the MCAT material to speed up my testing abilities. I'm getting too use to having the luxury of deriving/thinking out my answers rather than having memorized everything and being able to churn through test questions as fast as possible.

I currently have the Exam Krackers MCAT prep package along with the KAplan comprehensive review, the EK verbal 101 passages and the kaplan 45 book. I plan on following EK's study schedule beginning in late may and primarily using the EK package, and using my text books and kaplan stuff as supplementary materials.

Do you guys think that this is the best approach I can be taking? Or do you think the PR or Kaplan courses would better serve me in helping to master this material? Right now, I'm considering PR or Kaplan only so that I can sit in on their practice exams.. but if people out there think that a course would help me master the material i would certainly lean more towards the course.
BTW.. I'll also be taking an orgo lab class this summer which meets 2x a week for about 6 hrs a day.. it runs from the beginning of june to the end of july.

Any thoughts?

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