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Jun 11, 2010
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Hi. I have seen others post on this website asking for help with school list after describing their activities and stats and stuff. I am here to ask for the same, please. I am posting here to remain confidential.
Information about me:
Non-traditional applicant. This will be my 3rd application cycle.
Florida Resident
White (I'm middle eastern born and have lived in Florida basically all of my life)
I went to what you can consider the least prestigious/known university in the state if that helps.
Graduated in 3 years with a B.S. in BMS through an Honors accelerated program, taking more credit-heavy semesters than typical premeds, ,if that helps. Not sure where I would mention this on my application, but I havent in the past.
4.0 Science GPA, 3.97 Cumulative GPA.
MCAT: 500 -> 508 (After 1 month) -> 513 (after 1 year, though I only studied for this one about a month) -> Potentially 516 if I retake (expect this to be my maximum potential)
Don't know if this helps but I scored badly on the first MCAT because I went to ER for severe allergic reaction few days before and was on corticosteroid pills for a week after the visit, which greatly impaired my cognition.
Activities: 900+ hours of volunteering to help the medically underserved (added throughout the 2nd application cycle), 300+ hours of medical shadowing with 200+ being with a primary care, ~150 hours of non-clinical volunteering at an institution that provided free housing to long-distance cancer patients receiving ongoing treatment at the adjacent hospital, ~200 hours of volunteering at the associated cancer hospital in CT Unit and Radiation Oncology. 600+ hours of research in a biology wet lab, completed a project but did not publish nor make a poster.
Here is my dilemma: I applied broadly both cycles and did not apply to reach schools. I applied to schools listed for applicants with similar situations like me on this website. Both cycles, I was rejected pre-II from ALL schools. I am not sure if this is because my higher MCAT scores all came in September of both cycles, but just wanted to mention that. This cycle, the improvements to my application include a rewritten from scratch personal statement, the 513 MCAT (128/126/130/129), and the 900+ hours of service to the medically underserved. Here are schools I have applied to in the past:
  • All Florida Schools MD
  • Quinnipiac*
  • Seton Hall**
  • Penn State
  • Oakland Beaumont**
  • University of Arizona - Tucson
  • Wayne State**
  • Tulane
  • Albany**
  • Chicago Med School at Rosalind Franklin
  • Cooper Med School of Rowan University
  • Creighton University**
  • Drexel University**
  • Georgetown**
  • Indiana**
  • Loma Linda**
  • Loyola**
  • MCW**
  • NYMC**
  • Rush**
  • Toledo**
  • University of Washington School of Medicine
  • Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
  • Wake Forest**
  • West Virginia University School of Medicine
  • Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University*
  • Robert Larner College of Medicine at the University of Vermont*
  • Saint Louis University School of Medicine*
  • Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University*
  • Tufts University School of Medicine*
Two asterisks indicates that I applied to that school both cycles. One asterisk indicates that I applied to that school only in my second cycle with the 513. If it is of any impact, I got the 513 score back in September of the 2nd cycle, although I submitted my secondaries early in July.

Please help me. Do I have any chance left for MD? Where should I apply this cycle then? Do I have any chances with the Alabama MD Schools since I was raised in Northern Florida and Florida is contiguous with Alabama? My dream is to be a general surgeon and I realize that DO will significantly hinder my path to that goal. I am open to all advice and criticism. Thank you in advance.

Edit: I am Roman Catholic all my life so that is why I applied to some of those religious schools.
You had many schools on your list that were donations. State schools favor the home team and as an OOSer, you have to be > avg for them.

Here is a more realstic list:
NYU-LI (maybe)
Dartmouth (maybe)
Nova MD
George Washington
Rosy Franklin
Wayne State
Wake Forest
Uniformed Services University/Hebert (just be aware of the military service commitment)
Seton Hall
ALL FL state schools

As a 3x exam taker, you should have some DO schools on your list as insurance. DO NOT retake a perfectly good 513 score! Quoting the wise Homeskool: Taking the MCAT is like getting married: ideally you only do it once, and the more times you do it the worse you start looking to suitors with good judgment.

Any DO program. I can't recommend Nova, Wm Carey, BCOM, ICOM and LUCOM, for different reasons. MSUCOM? Read up on Larry Nasser and you decide. LMU has an accreditation warning, which concerns me. CalHS is too new and appears to be too limited in rotations sites. UIW refuses to post their Boards scores, which is fishy.


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Jun 11, 2010
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@Goro Thank you so much for your advice. I had made my list for the second cycle according to lists you provided to students similar in stats, but did not take into account differences in state of residence. I am wondering a few things in addition if you wouldn't mind helping to answer these.
1) You listed Rochester without a maybe, but on the MSAR it has an MCAT median of 517, and I think I am only at the 10th percentile. Isn't this a reach?
2) (This one is kind of outlandish) For Emory, my father has owned land in Georgia for more than 2 years. I am wondering if this has any sort of impact on my application ?
3) (Also outlandish) Would I have any chance at Mayo Clinic if I had done shadowing with three doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Florida, gotten on good terms with them, done research with one of them, and got letters of recommendation from all three?
4) Should I explain the reasoning behind my lowest MCAT score on my applications?
5) If I were to take the MCAT again and get a 516 (even though it is risky), would this significantly boost my chances or have minimal impact
6) Between the DO schools of LECOM-Bradenton and KCU, at which would I have a greater opportunity to go into General Surgery all else equal (get good USMLE score, good grades all years, good letters of rec., have a publication(s) by time of application)?

Edit: Although Goro provided excellent advice, I am open to multiple viewpoints if anyone else would be generous enough to provide advice. Again, thank you in advance.
1) It's in striking distance and your call. Somebody has to be in their 10th %ile, why not you?
2) Absolutely not.
3) Nope
4) Nope. No matter how one tries to explain these, it only comes across as excuses or displays of bad judgement.
5) Quoting the wise Homeskool: Taking the MCAT is like getting married: ideally you only do it once, and the more times you do it the worse you start looking to suitors with good judgment.
6) Depends more on you, than the schools.


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Oct 14, 2011
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You have already taken your MCAT three times. A lot of schools will average your attempts, so don't try to take it again. Keep ert p in mind as a 3x applicant, you are in no position to be choosy. If you have never applied DO before, select mostly from them as you are new to them. Do not apply to any school where you already got rejected twice.

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