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Oct 26, 2005
tludy said:
I'm ready to do post-bacc. I will be taking all of the pre-reqs.

I can stay in Hawaii, and do the first semester at CC, then finish at U of Hawaii. Or I can go home to Alaska and do everything at the University of Alaska Anchorage and save about $6-7k in tuition. However, I can afford to stay in Hawaii.

I would rather stay in Hawaii for obvious reasons. But I'm not tied down here. Academically and financially Alaska makes more sense. Help me decide, I'm going to start next semester! How much of a spoiler will the CC be?
I would recommend taking your prereqs at a 4 year University. It's not that you won't get in with CC credits, but it does put you at a disadvantage. As Dental School becomes more and more competitive, you need every advantage you can get. Some schools will reject you right away based on your CC credits. Most have a limit to how many CC credits they accept. I know based on experience.
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