What should I do to improve my app?

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Jan 1, 2010
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Hi, this is a cross post from my WAMC thread in preallo. link

I mainly want to know if my clinical experience is sufficient, I've shadowed two doctors for 2-3 months total, and I can probably shadow another this semester for 2 months. I don't have any clinical volunteering however, but I'm a volunteer tutor at the local high school.

According to the sticky, I meet 2 of the 3 'excellent' requirements:

My MCAT is a 38R (took it twice, first was a 29S), and my GPA is a 3.70 cum (science is a tad lower)

I'll have 4 years of research by the time I graduate, but it's mostly chemistry (3.5 years and a summer's worth). I'll have done 2 summers and a semester of translational biology research too. I have two 2nd author publications (but they're both in chemistry journals) I also did an independent project that was I had to apply for funding for.

So I was just wondering how strong of a candidate I am for an MSTP program? There are varying opinions in pre-allo, and I felt I would get better info in this subforum.


Seriously, dude, I think you're overreacting....
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Oct 12, 2004
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OP, please do not cross-post the same thread in multiple forums. You should choose the one forum that you feel is the best for that topic, and only post the thread once. I am closing this thread; any users who wish to answer the OP's questions may do so in the WAMC forum.
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