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what should i do


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Oct 3, 2003
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    ok so recently i got a secondary from msucom and im very excited cuz i grew up in mich and i have heard so many wonderful things about msucom :) however, i been thinkin about moving when i get older (perhaphs to the uk) and i also would like to do doctors without borders. i was just wondering if being a do would impact this decision negatively since i applied to allo schools as well, please help, im very confused with deciding between do vs md. ps, i live the do approach with its focus on preventive medicine but im scared that i would not be able to practice abroad


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      You can do international missions/aid with a DO. You can work with doctors without borders. If you want to permanently relocate to another country, some of them make it difficult if not impossible for you to be fully licensed to practice there (but many of the same countries make it just as difficult for foreign MDs)

      Please refer to this thread for more specifics.

      As far as the UK goes, the info in the link says that you can't practice there as a DO, but that is not true for US trained DOs (the British ones only perform manipulation). I personally know a DO who practiced there.
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      Jun 27, 2004
        It's good to know that DO' s are able to do missionary/aid work overseas. I was worried about that aspect, but not enough to keep me from applying DO and making it my first choice.

        Thank you, Dr. Mom
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