WAMC and should I consider DO?

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Mar 21, 2024
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Hi guys. This is my first time posting here, and I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place. My inspiration to become a physician came from my aunt who is the best psychiatrist in the world and introduced me to this passion when I was young.

I am an immigrant from Brazil, and completed both undergrad (UMBC, BA in Biological Sciences; GPA 3.47 with significant increase in grades in junior and senior year) and grad school (Columbia University, MS in Human Nutrition; GPA 3.9) in the US. I am currently a research coordinator in a clinical peds research lab, and am planning on applying this cycle.
My one issue and monster under my bed in the MCAT. I took it twice already (2022 and 2023) and got the same grade twice, a 499. I am retaking it this month and am much more confident in getting around a 510. I know that 3 MCATs are kind of a red flag and that adcoms normally average scores anyway (optimistically I would average a 501ish) so I am bit worried in general. Being an immigrant means I can only apply to a handful of MD schools and most of them are really competitive schools. I am contemplating maybe also applying to DO schools? Though MD is really my goal (personal reasons), I do think that I should also apply to DO schools given my stats.

Any thoughts or words of wisdom?

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Internationals who matriculate into US MD schools tend to be superstars
Is it any better for DO schools? Out of curiosity, I have rarely heard of anyone going to US med skwl without a greencard
Yes, for the 16ish DO schools that take internationals.
Do internationals have disadvantage in those DO schools though? What is the acceptance rate? If you do know...
Your 499 MCATs puts you at a disadvantage, period. You are not competitive for MD programs with that trend as an international applicant.

Nail the retake and/or determine your plan B. You already have a nutrition masters and a good job in clinical research as far as you have described.

If you want to be a healthcare professional in mental health, why not a PsyD/Clinical Psychology? Entry into other graduate programs is more hospitable to international students, in general, as you know from your nutrition masters.
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