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  1. Jim Henderson

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    Aug 22, 1999
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    posted 08-15-1999 01:00 AM
    Hello Dr. Henderson,
    I am really confused, I need some serious help! First of all, I
    am going into my sophomore year at Florida A-&-M University. My
    first year, I majored in Business Administration. I entered
    college with 24 dual-enrollment credits. I decided in the middle
    of the spring semester to become a doctor (thats a long story in
    itself...). So, this summer, I took Biology I and Calculus I. So
    far, I'm getting a B in Biology, and failing Calculus. I have
    registered to take Calculus over in the Fall.
    I have spent the last couple of days researching information
    about medical school and the MCAT over the Internet. Previously,
    I thought that I would be able to catch up with my curriculum,
    and still be able to apply to med school. But now I have
    realized that this sounds easier than it really is. Between a
    part time job, a 15 or so credit load, volunteering at the
    hospital (I start volunteering next month), and extracurricular
    activities, I don't want my grades to be too bad.

    My question is, do you think that I should try to catch up on my
    curriculum, or should I just anticipate attending a fifth year
    of college, so that my grades won't suffer too much? Any advice
    that you can offer me will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time,
    Anilia Arneus

    [email protected]

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  2. drhenderson

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    Jul 24, 1999
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    Thank you for your letter:
    Can you drop calculus? Better to drop than fail.

    Why a part-time job. Take out extra loans. Debt sucks but 7 or 8
    bucks an hour with poor grades won't be any better.

    Don't volunteer if it is at the expense of your grades.

    If you cut out the extras, but leave time for yourself, God, and
    your loved ones, you are sure to make it through.

    Perhaps if you do this you will not have to go 5 years. But going
    5 years is better than failing too. Keep in mind admissions
    comittees will ask why you went 5 years.

    Hang in there. Give it a go. I haven't seen anything fatal
    to your medical school chances yet, but you need to do well
    from now on and get a good score on the MCATs. That's all you can

    Let us know if we can help!

    Jim Henderson, MD of medicalstudent.net

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