Jun 13, 2011
San Antonio, Texas
So I've been thinking I should start volunteering and adding some bells and whistles to my resume. I work full time as a polysomnographer and a RT. Being that I work in a hospital, in all settings whether it be clinic, ICU, floor, or ER, is volunteering as a tech or anything similar really important? I've been working in health care for about 6 years now, and was a combat medic before I went through RT school. Would volunteering for meals on wheels or perhaps teaching CPR for free to underprivileged communities be better? I've been thinking about checking out some places like YMCA or local community parks, and offering free CPR classes on my dime.

Any ideas for a health care non trad?

As far as EC, I think I may have enough. Amateur paint ball team, guitar for a gigging band, soon to be father (OF A BOY!!!), semi pro computer gamer at one point in my life, Just got out of the Army Reserves. Should I leave any of this out?


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Jun 17, 2007
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Oh soon to be dad! Hope all goes well.

I think the gamer thing is questionable. I'd want to hear it in a student interview, but you have some awesome experiences on that CV that should not be contrasted to "I play computer games."

If you haven't been rejected by med schools previously, I don't think doing some fluffy med-related volunteering is going to help you. That kinda of thing is recommended for undergrads because it's basically the best they can accomplish during college. Your actual medical experience largely trumps that.
Apr 16, 2011
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There is a thread in the pre-allo forum about whether or not to include gaming, and I believe the general consensus is only if you did it at a professional level and were recognized for it. Perhaps call some schools and ask how they feel about it :)