Medical What should I work on for my med school app?

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Oct 14, 2011
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So I am going to be entering my junior year of college this fall. I am double majoring in Chemistry and Spanish. I have a 4.0 GPA and I haven't taken the MCAT yet. I plan to do so January next year. I am not too worried about my grades or my MCAT but my worry is the extracurriculars.

This summer I was supposed to be beginning a research project and volunteering at my student health clinic where I would be allowed to take vitals (a really amazing experience I was looking forward to). However due to COVID and everything being cancelled, I am afraid that I won't seem good enough for med schools. My dream is to go to UCSD (I am a CA resident) and they are a top school. I am not sure how med schools will be evaluating this year but here are my current ecs:

-EMR Certified and volunteered as First Responder in my community (~100 hours)
-Volunteer at Sutter in the ER (~50 hrs)
-Volunteer at my local community free clinic where I worked largely with Spanish speaking patients (~60 hrs)
-Hopefully I will volunteer at the student health clinic I was supposed to this summer, in the fall

-COVID Senior Assistance (basically I call a senior every week to give them someone to talk to during social distancing) (~50hrs)

-I was briefly involved in a lab about infectious diseases in house sparrows but after a couple months I couldn't continue to bring myself to go out and capture live birds and I just figured out this lab wasn't for me (~20hrs)
-Supposed to be in a chem lab this summer but hopefully I can join in the fall

-I am a tutor on campus for calculus and I teach my own discussion session. This is a paid job.
-Swim instructor (paid)
-Work at a food place during COVID due to lack of employees (paid)
-Director of an on campus First Responder Club
-Part of a cultural dance team
-Next summer I will be (hopefully) studying abroad in Spain

Also I have some financial problems that arose freshman year of college (some family stuff that occurred that I plan to write about in the disadvantage part of the application) which required me to work. Up until COVID I was working 2 jobs along with being a full time student and maintaining grades. For the first semester of junior year I am quitting one job to study for MCAT but just wanted to give some background!

I had a lot of things get cancelled (which obviously makes complete sense during this time so I don't want to sound ignorant or as if I am complaining. Trust me I realize the severity of the situation). But, from and adcom standpoint, what should I be doing in this next year? Appreciate all the help thank you :)
No bets without an official MCAT score.

1) It's not clear what your clinical hours are that involve physician shadowing.

2) Your non-clinical community service experience being just your COVID-19 calling makes it appear that you hadn't really thought about serving others until now to "check the box". Describe an activity you were involved in that involves immersing yourself in the challenges of socially vulnerable populations who do not share your cultural background.
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