Medical What should my next steps be for applying to med school?

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Oct 14, 2011
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Hi all!
I just graduated with my BS in Chemistry in May and am trying to figure out my next steps for applying to medical school in the next few years. I am currently working full time as a clinical and lab assistant at a fertility clinic. My cGPA was 3.56 while my BCPGPA is 3.43 (physical chemistry and physics killed me) but I was involved in an activist group, Greek life, on campus employment, TAing for the microbiology labs, and volunteering in a genomics research lab. My GPA the last three semesters of my undergrad were significantly higher than the start of my undergrad as well. I've also started volunteering baking birthday cakes for foster kids as well while the pandemic still goes on and hospitals aren't taking/using volunteers.

While I have started thinking about applying in 2021 or 2022 for medical school, I am not sure whether I should do a masters first just to get a higher GPA or to just keep working and volunteering for more experience and build more rapport with the doctors I work with for LORs along with the PI and supervisors I had during my undergrad that I still have a good relationship with. And with Mayo Clinic down the street from my job I'm not sure if I should email on of the PIs/faculty about potentially volunteering with their lab with the pandemic going on. I would really appreciate any advice as I don't know how to move forward with when I can/should apply to medical school.

First: what do you know about how your school supports premed applicants? Do you need a committee letter? If not, who have you pegged for letters of recommendation?

When are you taking your MCAT? How have you studied for it? Are you consistently getting 510+ overall after multiple practice tests?

Have you networked with schools yet? Mine is holding a virtual open house (which I think has hit its capacity so we're putting up a wait list).

No you don't need a SMP/Masters with a 3.56/3.43 unless you are really deficient in biology coursework, but even so, I'd recommend postbac undergraduate courses. No, you don't need research. Yes, you probably need more experience working where doctors work, and it is going to be challenging with the COVID-19 pandemic. Could you virtually scribe? If you are interested, yes.


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Mar 12, 2013
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I don't think you need an SMP or post-bac, but you are going to need to do well on your MCAT and get some more experience. Make sure you are hitting your goal MCAT score (you should be aiming for 512+ on practices for MD) before taking the real deal. You would be good for DO with your GPA and a decent MCAT.
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