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Mar 4, 2002
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Here is my problem...

I called NYU on 9/18 because I haven't received a post card confirming that they received my LOR (they're supposed to send it to me because the post card was included in my LOR) and the guy I spoke to said that my application is complete as of 9/16.
Then, I receive a post card from them dated 9/20 saying that I'm still missing my LOR so my file is incomplete. WTF!! so, I called them back and once again, she said that my file is complete...
But, I have yet to receive a post card saying that my file is's been 3 weeks since my file was completed according to them and I'm starting to feel apprehensive about this whole they lost my LOR or something...augh!
Anyone else going thru this with NYU??
:confused: :confused:


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Oct 14, 2000
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If you have a premedical advisor, ask her/him to call and speak with Mr. Raymond Brienza, the Assoc Dean for Admissions. If you call him, you won't be put through. The Admissions Office number has to be used.
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