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Jan 12, 2002

Found this at the above site :

My first year at the University of Pacific Dental School
My first year at dental school came and went. Time sure travels fast when you are incredibly busy. Let me give you an overview on my thoughts of my first year at UOP. The first month at dental school was very hectic. Dental school is not difficult (like quantum physics) but is very demanding. At UOP I took something like 26 units of coursework!!!!! You do get to have fun at parties on Fridays and perhaps out on Saturday nights but you certainly do not have time to lay around on the weekend watching TV. I juggled my wife, kid and a one-hour commute and managed to finish in the top 20% of a class of 126. So it can be done. The first few months was especially hard for those that had relationships, most of which were terminated. Not too worry though?..there are plenty of attractive men and women! Also I am happy to say though, NO divorces occurred. The second quarter was tough but not as bad as the first. I think most of us were used to the furious pace (tests every week!!!!). During this time students at UOP pick up two MUST-pass classes: Operative Dentistry and Fixed Pros. Basically if you fail these two classes you will repeat dental school or placed into a remedial class. Both classes require your work to be very precise and you will be graded critically (e.g. preps have to be to the degree!). We all thought faculty were ridiculously critical. I learned many tricks on how to get through (shortcuts) these classes and will disclose what I have learned if requested. The third quarter was by far the most brutal. All I can say is 10 finals!!!!! I literally was studying stuff the night before, a task know one should undertake. Fixed is very brutal this quarter. You have to make a gold bridge in addition to several other projects. On top of that, you have practicals every week in operative dentistry. I was in the lab quite a bit this quarter and had little time to focus on my didactic work. I made it out ok though. Unfortunately this is the quarter when we lost four people. If you make it past this quarter and have passed operative dentistry and fixed you are home free. BTW, during this quarter 5 babies were born to our classmates (one set of twins!) The fourth quarter is a breeze compared to the first three. I think we all just got so used to the furious pace that when we lost a few classes things became significantly easier. Professors become more relaxed and you start feeling like a veteran. The second year at UOP will be a breeze with the exception of boards. Good luck first years!!!! Mike 2001?

Yippie I finished my first year at UOP! Out of 132 people 126 of us remain. Four of the six were asked to repeat or leave and the two others changed careers. Here's my scoop on some selected classes I had in my first year:

Fixed Pros. - you'll be spending many evenings in the lab.
Biochemistry - easy for science majors.
Operative Dentistry - must pass this class prior to the clinic.
Dental Anatomy - everything you ever wanted to know about teeth.
Gross Anatomy - the most demanding biomedical sci class.
Histology - hard core molecular bio majors will find this easy.
Microbiology - lots of memorizing latin names!!!
Physiology - tough at UOP due to the professor. Easy for those that had it before.
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