What to look for in Rheum fellowship?

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Dec 4, 2008
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Hey guys, new application cycle coming up and i'm planning for Rheum. Questions I had were: 1) what should I be looking for in a good Rheum program, and stuff to make me better suited for the job market? and 2) what are certain solid Rheum programs that are well known (I know CCF, Mayo, Hopkins, etc will all be solid, i talking about the mid-tier non-ivy league world)


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Bump bump bump. Doing rheum as well and very interested in hearing more about this.
It all depends on your priorities in your future career. If you know you want to do research in a particular disease or area, seek out programs with a productive, highly active research program in that disease

If you want to go into private practice (or a clinic-based academic practice), look for a program with a heavy patient load in a variety of settings (private, university, county, etc)
^agreed. If you want to go into private practice look for programs that are proficient in MSK ultrasound and will give you the opportunity to go to the USSONAR training/class. Also look into pathology in different training settings (county, private, VA, etc.)

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