what type of radiologist

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Apr 10, 2004
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ok so its pretty hard to get into radiology. now, what about the different specialties? i.e. is neuroradiology even harder than being a general radiologist? i know it requires a fellowship, but do you have to compete amongst the rad residents? (i.e. do you have to be the best to get into neurorad?) is being a general rad easiest? what about salary?

are there particular specialties within rad that are 'easy' to get into versus 'hard' ones? if so what are they?


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Right now, the private practice market for general rads is so good, that a lot of people dont do fellowship at all. The payoff, in terms of salary, isnt that much greater for most rads subspecialties, again, at least right now.

The end result is that most of the fellowship spots in rads remain pretty wide open. Remember though, that is always in flux because IR used to be tough to get and you could walk into neuro spots, sort of opposite now.