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What's more important, BCMP, non-BCMP, or the spread?


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Jan 7, 2007
I'm asking because I've taken a few science policy courses with non-negligible science content, which could plausibly be put in either category. Leaving aside your opinions on where they "should" be categorized, should I be trying to boost BCMP, or non-BCMP, or trying to bring the two numbers closer together?


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Aug 28, 2008
  1. Medical Student
I would say, but this is my opinion--I have no higher authority to back this up, that BCPM is more important for two reasons.

1.) In my opinion it is harder to have a good BCPM GPA.
2.) BCPM GPA counts towards cGPA. I don't think the "OA GPA" (non-BCPM GPA) on the AMCAS is valued very highly, it just seems to be BCPM GPA and cummulative GPA that are looked at most closely by adcoms.

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