What's pharmacy class like?

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Jan 17, 2013
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I have had two types of classes in college. One is Organic Chemistry (1 and 2) where the professor instructed the class as follows: do every problems in the back of the book. This amounts up to some 100-120+ problems per chapter we were going over, the solution manual was THICK. In the entire semester, I would have done some 600-700+ problems.

...Then there is the other class, the Anatomy and Physiology class (1 and 2)...where it seems there was ZERO problems. You read the slides...it explains how blood enters the heart and exits the heart... it explains how many layers of flesh the heart is made up off...or it explain how filtering in cell membrane work...then you take the test...nearly zero problems.

When I imagine going into Pharmacy school... I imagine taking classes...and doing work...but I am unsure what the work/class will be like. Is it more like Organic Chemistry or Anatomy and Physiology?

If someone with a lot of experience going through Pharmacy School like maybe taken 3 or 4 years or finished it entirely can explain to me thx. That would be helpful.

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it will mostly depend on which professor. imo once you get to professional school, they expect you to study a lot on your own, which is why exam scores are super important (if you fail one or two exam you have to wait a year to take that class again or something). and exams will take place every week/every other week/ or very often depending on which school.