whats the deal with MCAT Evolution


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Feb 28, 2004
    this section seems to lack any meat, just some basic vocab terms.

    what do we need to know about evolution?

    1. Natural selection
    a. fitness concept b. selection by differential reproduction c. concepts of natural and group selection d. evolutionary success as increase in percent representation in the gene pool of the next generation

    2. Speciation
    a. definition of species b. polymorphism c. adaptation and specialization d. concepts of ecological niche, competition e. concept of population growth through competition f. inbreeding g. outbreeding h. bottlenecks i. divergent, parallel, and convergent evolution j. Symbiotic relationships a. Parasitism b. Commensalism

    3. Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny

    4. Evolutionary time as measured by gradual random changes in genome 5. Origin of life
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