What's the most accurate way to input classes into AMCAS calculator?

Aug 22, 2013
I'm using the AMCAS spreadsheet calculator to input all my classes ever taken. I have an abundance of freshman and sophomore classes from different schools and different curriculum tracks. On some classes I don't remember which were freshman and which were sophomore pertaining to that specific undergraduate curriculum. Also there weren't really clear lines saying, "I'm a freshman now" or "I'm a sophomore now" since I transferred into different curriculum's and was still taking some freshman classes but also taking sophomore classes. I'm needing to know the most accurate way to input these.

Since I have way more classes than what would normally be in a freshman or sophomore semester- do I just use the class level number and put all the classes that are freshman level into freshman status on the calculator and all the classes that I think are sophomore level into the sophomore status on the calculator and try to balance the loads as equally as possible? Or do I try to follow the curriculum flowchart of the undergraduate major I was in at the time and input the classes into the calculator based off that?

The problem is I don't have an academic adviser to help with this so it's fairly confusing. My last institution doesn't have many advisers familiar with this calculator.

Another question- Is AMCAS calculator the same as the AACOMAS calculator, the only difference being that the most recent retake grades are averaged vs. chosen, respectively?
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Feb 21, 2018
You should be able to base the freshman/sophomore distinction on the number of credits completed. My college switches the class standing every 45 credits. If you don't know this then you might be able to find it in your schools course catalog.
I have a question of my own. I am using excel to enter in my grades, and amount of credits they are worth however, non of the automatic calculations are working and in each of those boxes is "#N/A" Is there any way that I can alter the formula that is entered or put the spreadsheet in a different format to allow it to work? Also is it the individual schools or AMCAS that does the weighted GPA toward your most recent classes? Any input is greatly appreciated.