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Jul 15, 2002
Queens, NY
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Ok so I finally caved in and bought the new 2004 USMLE First Aid, I?ve been using the 2002 edition since freshman year and have grown quite fondly of the little fellow (I have tons of additions that I now have to transfer to my new glossy edition). I was pretty happy looking it over, and noticing all the new and exciting changes. However, to my dismay I noticed that unlike previous editions the new one DOESN?T give you the listing for the underground clinical vignette series. For example on the pharmacology section of the 02 edition for Amphotericin B it tells you in the lower left margin that there is a clinical vignette for it (Pharm 45). This saves a whole lot of time if you are planning on reading them while going over your First Aid. Is it that I'm going crazy or does this bother anybody else?


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Apr 5, 2000
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it personally doesn't bother me..........then again. I'm not using UCV's for anything other than anatomy.
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