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When do I apply to med school & My grades:

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by MeghanMD, May 16, 2014.

  1. MeghanMD

    MeghanMD 2+ Year Member

    Apr 29, 2014
    So I'm going into my fifth year of college. I currently have a major in marketing and a minor in psychology but I've decided what I want more than anything is to be a doctor. So here is my prospective schedule for the next year:

    Summer Quarter 2014:
    - Bio ethics (required "ethics" class)
    - medical terminology
    -Intro to digital marketing (I need another mktg elective to finish)
    - General Chemistry

    Fall Quarter 2014:
    O chem I
    Phys I
    Calc I

    Winter Quarter 2015:
    O Chem 2
    Phys 2
    Calc 2

    Spring Quarter 2015:
    O Chem 3
    Phys 3
    Integrative marketing strategy (final marketing class)

    Here are my science grades from my freshman year-- should I retake bio?:

    Gen Chem (dropped)
    Gen Chem Lab: B
    Bio 1: C
    Bio 1 Lab: A-
    Bio 2: B-
    Bio 2 Lab: B
    Bio 3: C
    Bio 3 Lab: B+
    Cell Structure and Function: drop

    Also, when would be a logical time for me to take the MCAT and apply to med school?
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  3. woltej1

    woltej1 2+ Year Member

    Jul 31, 2011
    Medical school application cycles open in the spring the year before you plan to actually go to school, i.e. I plan to be in med school in the fall of 2015 so I'm applying right now. You want to apply as early as possible so the app opens for editing at the start of May and can be submitted at the start of June.

    If those are all your science classes right now, you're going to want to look into osteopathic schools(DO) vs allopathic(MD). They have lower requirements, but you still want at least a 3.2 cgpa and sgpa.

    For the MCAT, it takes 35 days to get test results from the time you take them. So you'll want to aim for ideally a June test date at the latest, then you can apply for your application to be verified(2-6 week process) and then apply your score when you get it. This saves you wait time while allowing you study as much as possible. There are good 3 month study plans on here to look through for prep. you'll then get individual applications for each school which you should return ASAP, but still with quality. Aim for 1 week or less.

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