when do secondaries start coming in?



I'm applying for entering class of 2004, and I'm definitely submitting my AMCAS on June 1 (or first day available). However, I'm considering doing an internship abroad next summer, so I'm concerned about when the secondaries start coming in.
Could someone please let me know?

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Hi:) Glad to have you on SDN

It really depends on your application stats. Keep in mind some schools don't screen their secondaries, so if you apply to those schools as soon as they receive your information from AMCAS they will send you a secondary. I think most start in August.

I would strongly suggest haveing all your letter of recommendation ready to go. Plus have someone who has access to your mail so if you get any 2ndaries they can let you know as soon as possible. Plus some schools contact you by email so have a working email account that you can access anywhere in the world.

Make sure all your schools have a working email!!!!!!!!!!! If you change your email account, I would STRONGLY urge everyone to email the schools your new account so they can add it to their files.
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