When do you start treating patients?

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Apr 16, 2003
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I was curious when other schools start treating patients. The only school I am applying to is LSU, and from what I understand their students have a very good clinical experience. They start treating patients freshmen year, but only cleanings; soph. year they start doing fillings; and junior year they do pretty much everything, like root canals and such; and senior year it is a lot of everything. When do you guys in other dental schools start treating patients?

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UNC is the same..summer of 1st year is prophies/scaling, fall 2nd year we start operative (including pedo as well), spring 2nd year we can do fixed pros, summer 2nd year we can do removable, then 3rd year we can do extractions, and pretty much everything else.
At PENN we start during the summer of our second year for one month...then its clinic all the way to the end.