Patient not following the treatment sequences

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Jul 29, 2016
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One of my patients only had an IPT on one side of his mouth, but he insisted that the student who already graduated did all of them. I don’t see any records of him having an IPT on the other side and a 1 month eval. He wasn’t willing to come back until after 6 months. I can’t confirm it with the student because he ignored my messages. What are we supposed to do when patients don’t follow our treatment sequences? I don’t think my patient would let me finish the IPT after 6 months because he firmly believed that all the cleanings were done.

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Are you in dental school? Ask your mentors what they want you to do.

It’s possible the previous student simply did not code or write about it. Or the pt is simply making things up.

You can dismiss pts who are non compliant in dental school, as I assume you are docked points if pts don’t show up etc
Don’t waste your time, this is a problem patient. Focus on getting a quality patient with treatments you need for graduation.
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