Medical When is a DIY Post bacc a better option than an SMP?

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May 10, 2013
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I am graduating this spring with an expected 3.39 cGPA and a 3.18 sGPA. My current plan is to attend my university’s SMP in the fall and then apply the following summer. Also taking MCAT in June. My trend is not great:

Freshman: fall - 2.57 spring - 3.23
Sophomore: F- 2.8 Spring - 3.6
Junior: F - 2.68 Spring 4.0 summer 3.57
Senior: F - 4.0

Prereq. Classes
Genchem 1: D retaken to get a B
Genchem 2: same as genchem 1
Orgo 1 w/ Lab: A
Orgo 2: A taking lab in spring
Physics 1: A-
Physics 2: A

Biochem: taking in spring

I know my trend is poor and I need some additional class work after graduating to make up for it, but what I am also worried about is my lack of clinical experience. My plan was to find some this school year, but clearly that’s not possible with covid restrictions. I have about ~20 hours volunteering in the ER with no in person shadowing. The SMP I plan on attending does not provide any clinical experiences or resources to get them. They also recommended not working, so I am not sure if it would be possible for me to get good hours without it effecting my grades.

Would it be better for me to do a DIY post bacc and getting a job that gives me clinical experience? Or do I need the SMP?
Pick Whatever is more conducive to your schedule and allows you to balance other ECs. You wanna continue your strong academic trend so also think about which pathway would be easier for you to do that.
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