Medical When should I submit an update post-interview?

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Mar 22, 2021
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One of the schools that I have interviewed two weeks ago allows for two updates per a cycle. I was wondering if whether I send an update post-II (additional grades/clinical experience/leadership/research experience) whether or not the update would be considered/if it would make sense to send an update or wait until after a decision has been made to send an update. If I were to be deferred and send an early update, do most schools want an additional update towards the end of the cycle if I am waitlisted.

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None of us can speculate what is optimal at a specific school. But in general I would give an update if and only if you have something worthy of an update. If it's just similar grades and continuation of experiences that they already know that you're doing then I'm not sure it moves the needle. You are of course welcome to try if it's going to bother you to not do anything.
There's no way we can say for sure. The admissions office ideally should be clear what would be a proper update. I also think without a decision, you should think strategically about when to update. (This is like when you need to use a time out during a game, if you like sports.) I agree that just updating your activities as a reminder that you've done them isn't an effective update.

I don't know if a thank you note is considered an update or if you decided to put in an update with a thank you note.
Generally, you only want to send updates if there are large differences in your app. For example, you had 50 hours of community service, then you pumped out 200 hours...or you got a paper published.
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