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Discussion in 'Caribbean' started by GQDoc786, May 7, 2008.

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    Hello Everyone, I wanted to know if I should apply right now considering that I haven't taken the MCATs yet and I have a gpa of 2.7. Do you think that it is better for me to wait once i get my MCAT scores and then apply(I'm going to study everyday for 2 months for them, I will take them in August) or should I send everything in at this time and also would 3 recommendation letters be enough? 1 from a health care provider, 1 from microbio prof. and 1 from graduate bio class prof.

    I'm considering to apply to these universities for the 2009 year. I would prefer January session but I'm sure some of these school don't accept applicants at that time.

    Ross, Saba, MUA, AUA, AUC, SGU(I'll just apply and see what's the outcome, even though I know they are as competitive as US schools) and St. Matthews and St. James.

    Should I focus on my personal statement greatly, because I really want to do medicine and I'm graduating this May and honestly I did not work up to my greatest potential that I could have. To be honest I never really studied properly for any exam, and now I realize that because when I do put in the effort I get nothing less than an A. I have no excuse but I have realized my mistakes and weakpoints and am willing to do whatever it takes to achieve my goals. I guess once you find your passion you don't and can't see yourself doing anything other than that.

    So Any Suggestions or Recommendations or Advice, will greatly be accepted!!!?? Thanks in advance!
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    It would be better for you to take the MCAT then apply since you have a very low GPA (Anything under 3.0 is low for premed)
    COntrary to what some think the Caribbean schools have standards and turn down hundreds each year.

    2.7 probably will not make it without a MCAT of 24 or better

    SABA has no student loans
    SJSM has no student loans but they do not require an MCAT and more then Likley will accept a 2.7.
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