When should I start applying for the next cycle?

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Jul 4, 2014
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I know that during the application process, teacher recommendations can sometimes be your worst enemies. Are there any other problems I should look out for? If I want to have my application in early, when should I start?

Lastly, for those who have applied before, what would you have done differently so that the application process could have been a little easier?

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Best decision I ever made was starting the application off with the college's I've attended and previous/current coursework. This is smart to do because once you fill out the previous ed, you can print off a transcript request form and give it to your school's registrar to send to AADSAS. I did this once the application opened in June, and when I completed my app in July, my GPAs were already posted on my portal within a couple of days. They say they don't process transcripts until you pay for the application, but they probably processed them once they received my transcripts because the turnaround time was super fast!

I would also recommend signing up for an AADSAS account right now and printing off the application so you know what's on it and how the portal looks like. Doing this will allow you to work on the application from now until June in a word document, and once it opens up you just need to copy and paste things into your actual application and submit it right away.
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Did the same as @predent808 definitely get your GPAs figured out right away so once you submit you won't have to worry about waiting on those! Give your recommendation letter writers a date that you would like them done and give them at least 4 weeks + to write your paper!
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its been said over and over, and rightly so, apply as early as possible....you will save yourself tremendous mental anguish....the word document idea mentioned above is very smart