when the secondary comes out?


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Oct 7, 2001
  1. Dentist

    Different schools will send them out at different times. I know that Arizona's is done online from the webpage.

    Many schools wait until the incoming class is situated before worrying a whole lot about applicants. Other schools send out their secondaries within one to two weeks of receiving your AADSAS application.

    If you send your application in the first day it is available, then I'd advise you to NOT travel. Simply because if you have a quick turnaround with filling out your secondaries, then you can have most of your interviews actually completed by early September.
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    Oct 22, 2003
    1. Dentist
      totally agree with everyone.

      i wouldn't go anywhere until i got accepted if i were you. besides, you'll have the most fun being here playing the app cycle game anyways.:laugh:

      good luck and get ready for some good and bad times.


      what do i know?
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      Oct 27, 2003
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        hey lucy,
        how long were you planning on traveling? i'm not sure what your stats are, but if they're pretty competitive, i think it's ok to travel. i submitted my AADSAS app sometime in june (i think the 21st) and I traveled to China for 2 months. when i came back i had some secondaries to complete. of course, i'm sure it would give you better standing if you completed the secondaries as soon as you got them, but i think if your stats are good enough, it shouldn't matter TOO much. but yeah, honestly, playing it safe is better (not traveling), but i'm just telling you this to show you that it is possible to travel and get accepted.
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