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Just curious as to know when the best time to apply to medical school is. Because I will be finishing my junior year in the middle of a school year in december. I know you are suppose to apply the summer of your junior/senior year.
I am planning on taking the mcat in april, and if I have to in august, and I will finish my junior year in december of next year.
when do you usually do the amcass, and applications?


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Jul 6, 2001
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So, if you were going to graduate in December of 2004 and you wanted to start med school in the fall of 2005, you submit your primary (AMCAS application) in June/July of 2004. Once the schools receive your verified primary application, they'll send you their secondaries 4-6 weeks later and you'll interview from September-March/April. But, if you have to retake the MCAT in August, your application won't be reviewed immediately. The schools will typically set it aside until they get your scores in October. Hope this helps. :)
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