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May 18, 2006
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Hey guys,

so what the deal with sending in secondaries before amcas is verified. i've submitted and it is in line for review, and i've only gotten emails so far from GW and penn state. so i guess they are saying that i can send it in before amcas verification, but what about other schools that have their secondaries posted online for all to view. i really dont feel like sending an email to every school about this. any info is greatly appreciated.

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Apr 30, 2006
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alot of schools that dont screen will accept the secondaries if you go ahead and ask them if you can. SUNY downstate for example, didnt notify me that they have received my prelim amcas, so i emailed their adcom and they told me that it can be sent. Most schools that dont screen will accept it save a few (AECOM for example). Its best if you call and ask. Its better to do that get your answerquickly, instead of sending it in early and getting it thrown out or sending it after its verified.
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