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When to start job searching

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The Black Bantam
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Feb 14, 2005
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I'm a PGY3 but licking my chops at getting a job. Some of this probably has to do with anxiety because I'd rather figure out sooner rather than later where I'll be living and working. There are quite a few PGY4s at my program who still don't have a job lined up and the thought of that makes me very nervous; I don't want to be like them in a year. I've done some browsing online and have found a couple of jobs that look appealing based on the description but they don't reveal a lot of details like call, benefits, etc. Is it too premature to start inquiring about positions?

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You can look in you pgy3 year, but most places are looking to fill much sooner. If you are a child fellow, it's an entirely different ball game. From my experience, some places are willing to wait >3 months for an adult psychiatrist, but can wait >6 months for a child psychiatrist. It's good to watch the job postings to see what jobs offer.
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I think testing the waters is fine. You are not likely to get a job offer (and if you do, I'd view it with a bit of skepticism), but many employers would be happy to discuss the possibilities in great detail.

Many places are happy for these kind of inquiries because they have done the first step in recruiting and most locales find it hard to recruit good people.