Where can I get those aamc III-VI exams?


It will get better once you are...still waiting :)
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Oct 8, 2003
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Originally posted by Curious Tom
I have purchased the revised 4R-6R.
But I couldn't find the III-VI versions.
Anybody willing to help me find them, please write to [email protected].
I'd appreciate it mucho.

the "R" version is almost similar to the "non-R" versions ... so if you want to practice then the "R" is good enough .... they mostly are identical ..... the "R" version is just as the name suggests .. the revised version ..... in line with the new pattern of MCAT


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Apr 10, 2003
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Originally posted by Curious Tom
Do you mean they have the same problems but in different amounts?
If they are different problems, the more problems I encounter the better.

They are ~98% the same. I believe the revised versions have some extra genetics problems and less organic. The revised verbal are 5 questrions shorter (same # of passages). Other than that, I heard they are almost the exact same. There wouldn't be much point to buy the un-revised versions. Although, I believe people still sell them on ebay....
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