Where do I find that AZCOM Survey????

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Sep 2, 2002
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It is long gone bro or bra, whichever you are.
It was on SDN, but the thread containing the survey was deleted. So, no link. Sorry. :(
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I'm the moderator that deleted it. I received a notice from the AZCOM administration to delete all postings regarding AZCOM as it was not suppose to be publicize.

I do have the link to the original posting but 24 hours after I was asked to delete it, they simply removed that website. Either way, unless another AZCOM student tells us where it is.... there is no way of seeing it again....

I can tell you that some of us have seen it including myself and it was honest opinions of students.... I can only say that it was simply maybe too honest for them to share.... There's always skeleton's in everyone's closet and this one... they did not want to reveal. ;)

It wasn't that spectacular. Basically the students overwhelmingly wanted more library time, thought the school was too expensive, and had various other minor complaints. Really the same as most every other school in the nation I imagine.

I am, however, disturbed that AZCOM would want the survey to be removed. It's one thing to keep it unpublicized; it's another to be policing independent message boards and requesting that this or that be removed. It sort of takes away the a primary benefit of having an independent discussion forum.

It's really a shame. AZCOM tends to get nothing but good press, which is one of the many reason I chose it. Having seen the survey, I can't imagine that it would do too much to dent the school's stellar reputation.

But maybe there was a justifiable reason for putting the kibosh Perhaps one of the AZCOM administrators reading the forum could comment on it?