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    First everyone thanks for all your help earlier. I exhausted all the 123 programs with current openings and 234 programs with openings for next year and they're all full. I have no problem with completing my PGY-1 year in IM and am planning to apply for the match next year. These are my stats Step 1 218 or third try, Step 2 206 on first try, Great reccommendations, below avg deans letter (hopefully will get rewritten by different dean), fourth quartile from american allopathic med school, excellent CV with good research, and a year of IM under his belt at mid-road NYC area university program. Personally I'm partial to the south, but I want to stay in south or east coast. Where should I apply? What should be my reaches? mid-roads? safety? I am a 25 single male and want to take location into account. I am going to a residency fair this weekend too, but still need help looking. Also what programs are starting up new for next year (Iknow of Columbia/Cornell and LSU Shreveport) and are those good places to apply to? One more thing what should I include in my Personal Statement as key phrase PDs look for on why I changed. I know alot of questions for one thread, but I know nothing. Thanks again.

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