Where should I apply?

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Dental 4ever

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Mar 10, 2014
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Hey guys!

This is my 4th time applying and I have worked hard to improve my application this year. I am planning to take the DAT again soon and I am also retaking courses that I scored low on and courses that I was recommended by admission committies to re-take again. My application is complete and all I need is the destinations! I was wondering if you guys can help me, using your experience, pick the schools that would really consider my scores. I got an interview at Roseman last cycle, if that would help :/

GPA: 3.07 (will go higher by the end of fall after taking few courses)

1st attempt: AA 18/ PAT 19/ QR 18/ RC 20/ BIO 16/ GC 16/ OC/ 19/ TS 17
2nd attempt: AA 19/ PAT 19/QR 18/ RC 21/ BIO 18/ GC 21/ OC 15/ TS 18

All my scores improved EXCEPT OCHEM!! :( I am retaking the test again!

Let me know what you think!! Thank you :)


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Aug 10, 2014
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Let me know what you think!! Thank you :)

First of all, great job staying determined and committed enough to dentistry to apply so many times.

A 3.07 GPA with a 15OC is going to severely handicap your application and reduce your competitiveness.

While your GPA may increase by the end of the Fall, this might not have as large of an impact as you are expecting, since many dental schools fill up a vast majority of interview spots before the end of the Fall semester (the first round of acceptances are on Dec. 1, after all). Therefore, even if your GPA does improve, it will be too late in the eyes of several schools.

I think your best bet is to knock the DAT out of the park. Aim for 21+. For school lists, look at @Scumbag_Steve 's guide (it is stickied to the top of the pre-dental forum)


Not to put you on the spot or anything but your post history says your GPA is 3.2?
It's just that.. 3.0 vs 3.2 probably makes a big difference in terms of what schools you should be looking into after your Fall marks come in.

I applied this year with lower GPA than you. Will be doing an academic update in December as well. Don't give up!


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Apr 10, 2015
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Study as hard as you can for the DAT get a 20+ in everything and I bet you'll have a good shot assuming the rest of your app is in order.

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