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Jul 18, 2002
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Hi all...

This is my first post, all though I have been lurking every once in a while for months.

Here are my stats:
3.4 Overall, 3.2 Science
Cell Bio Major, 2002 from a relatively good school

MCAT Aug 2001 10(VR) 7(PS) 8(BS)
MCAT Aug 2002 ..... TBD

My 25 was a big disappointment, I was getting 30-33s on Kaplan & AAMC practices the week of the exam last year....

So, I am retaking this yr, sorta counting on getting at least a 28 and have decided to apply now for 2003.

Here's my list so far:
East VA
MCP Hahnemann
Penn St
Wake Forest

I think that besides my numbers, my app is ok... I'm just worried that the schools wont even look at my app.

What do you guys think of this list for my history? Any help would be MUCH appreciated!


Joe Joe on da Radio

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Mar 13, 2002
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welcome to SDN H4M!

good luck on the upcoming MCAT...scoring up average on the science sections will be key since your GPA is a little below average. i suggest you to apply to a few more schools such as finch/cms, indiana, jefferson, vcu, and wayne state to increase your chances.

-joe joe


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Feb 4, 2002
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definitely apply to as many as you can afford to. i was a full-time applicant. i was working on secondaries for about 3 months straight. everyday i got up...wrote essays...ate..wrote more...ate...slept. that's it!
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I would add SLU, Creighton, and MCW as well. Finch is a good choice too on Joe Joe's part, but I would not go for Indiana or Wayne State since the vast majority of students at these schools are from in-state. Also, what do you mean by "relatively good school?" For some people, this means Duke and for others it means say, Virginia State U in Petersburg. If you are from a high-profile school like Duke then you have some leeway on the MCAT, if you are at a school like VSU (while a fine school, it's not Duke) then schools may expect a higher score to balance out the GPA. good luck..
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