MD & DO Where should I be looking given unbalanced stats/nontraditional application?

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Mr. Budong

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Jul 8, 2017
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Hello all. This is probably a topic that has been beaten to death on other forums, but as most of the ones I found were several years old, I figured I'd reach out for advice.
I am a 23 year old nontraditional applicant with a relatively low cumulative GPA.
In college I double majored in political philosophy and Chinese, but found that my interests had changed by my senior year. I delayed graduation and took all of the basic prereqs, taking the MCAT on June 1.

Cum GPA: 3.42
Sci GPA: 3.69
MCAT: 516 (128, 131, 128, 129)
Volunteering: 120 hours in ER, 50 hours non-medical volunteering.

I am definitely marketing myself as a 'rebuilt' student, as my GPA is brought down mostly due to personal issues I had in non-science courses five years ago, and are no longer indicative of who I am as a student. (I received straight 4.0s in science coursework this year.)

I consider the strengths of my application to be my MCAT score, my non-traditional majors and success in completing my prereq courses in two years, my college employment as an intercultural advisor for a social justice oriented program, and letters of recommendation.

The weaknesses in my application are my significantly lower than average cumulative GPA, below average science GPA, lack of any research experience, and my not having as much in depth science knowledge as an applicant with, for example, two majors in natural science.

I've been researching statistics on various schools, but have usually found that either my GPA is way below average, or my MCAT is above average for those locations.

Does anyone have any suggestions for schools I should look into (MD/DO), or advice on proceeding with my applications?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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Sep 15, 2012
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You have a good chance for interviews at your Michigan schools so apply to Central Michigan, Michigan State, Wayne State, Oakland Beaumont and Western Michigan. For OOS schools consider all these:
Rosalind Franklin
St. Louis
New York Medical College
I assume you have significant shadowing and clinical volunteering hours.
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