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Which is the best? Western U, AZCOM, or Texas COM?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by tonydtgr, Dec 22, 1999.

  1. tonydtgr

    tonydtgr Member
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    Dec 20, 1999
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    Ok, i've narrowed it down to these 3: Western U, AZCOM, & Texas COM. (Though I'm also still considering Chicago COM.) I'm from Cali. I was impressed with the classrooms/facilities for all of these schools. The weather's not too cold (except Chicago) and they're located in areas that offer a lot of recreation. So which is the best school? The best classrooms? The best opportunity for rotations? residency matching? best in terms of things to do in the immediate area?
    What do you think?!
  2. drusso

    Physician Moderator Emeritus Lifetime Donor Verified Account 10+ Year Member

    Nov 21, 1998
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    Attending Physician
    Tony, I'm a fellow Californian, so I can appreicate your situation: All the schools you mentioned are good. TCOM is among the most established school in the west/southwest of the ones you mentioned. Tuition is also cheapest for out-of-staters.

    AZCOM is very good, believed to be an "up and coming" osteopathic institution and many people I know there are quite happy. Pheonix is pretty "DO friendly" too. TCOM has among the most robust research programs in the osteopathic profession (still small by allopathic standards) if that is your interest. CCOM is widely recognized for having great rotation opportunities, but I've got one word for you, "cold."

    TCOM has pretty good rotations. Unlike some other DO schools, our close proximity to two osteopathic hospitals allows students to complete all their rotations in the DFW area if they wish. Our students do quite well in the residency match process---especially in Texas, but nationally too. The former army surgeon general Ronald Blanck, DO is our incoming president and it's anticipated he will help bring a more national focus to UNTHSC/TCOM--at the very least he has proven organizational skills!

    Can't beat Chicago for nightlife---great bars, great jazz, great food. However, you will be medical school and I doubt you'll have an excess of free time. Dallas is 50 minutes from TCOM and there is a lot to do and see on the weekends. However, depending upon what part of CA you're from, you might experience the Dallas scene as a little "plastic."

    It's great to have choices. Good luck!

    --David Russo, MS3

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