Which Retailer Pharmacy do you think is best to work for?


10+ Year Member
Dec 27, 2008
For all you retail pharmacists out there, could you please share as to which retail pharmacy you find to be the best place for a pharmacist to work at. I know this is a very subjective question, but I'm very curious as to where everyone hates or loves.

I have been hearing often that walgreens, cvs, walmart and rite aid were the places that pharmacists hate working the most due to being overworked and poor quality of life. How about other retailers like costco, target, or even grocers like giants, safeway, or weis?

I understand that retail pays the most in terms of pharmacy, but I also understand that a certain point, quality of life is just as important. So, to remedy the high burnout rate in retail, wouldn't it be ideal to work at a retail setting where the quality of life is much better? I just want to get everyone's opinion on the subject and maybe this could help me formulate my own plans for the future. Thanks guys.
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