Paramedic Intern
Aug 5, 2009
Bay Area, California
So basically I plan to graduate and take 3 years off before going back to get my pre-reqs done at a CSU that happens to be conveniently only 20 minutes away. The question I have is what schools should I apply to since obviously what classes they require will impact what I need to take in addition to the traditional pre-reqs. Here's my profile:

GPA: Both overall and science GPA is around 3.8 and for sake of school selection let's assume it stays around this figure since I'm not going to suddenly slack off or anything.

MCAT: Haven't taken it yet but let's assume a modest score, maybe 32, for purposes of school selection. I don't anticipate doing poorly on the test, I'm an extremely good test taker especially when it comes to standardized tests, but nor do I want to get arrogant about what I'll get so I figure that's a good number to shoot for.

ECs: Extremely active/avid scuba diver...taken classes in open water, advanced open water, rescue and divemaster as well as specialty training such as altitude, enriched air, etc. I also plan to sky dive here and there once I get out of college and am not completely broke. I've also worked as an EMT for 2 years so far and I'll have worked as a paramedic for at least 3 years by the time I apply. I also bowl occasionally, watch movies, read, that sort of thing but I'm just going to throw that under one activity on AMCAS as miscellanous hobbies or something like that.

Leadership: I'll have an enormous amount of this both from working as a paramedic, since the lead medic is the team leader on the call and may be responsible for directing as many as 6+ people in the medical care of a patient, and as a divemaster since I directly oversee and help train students and their lives are my responsibility when we're in the water.

Clinical experience: Like I said, I've worked 2 years as an EMT, will have worked 3+ years as a paramedic, so I'll have an enormous amount of this too.

Volunteering: Volunteered for 7 months in a hospital and I currently volunteer on an as-needed basis as a divemaster. Hospital was the typical 4 hrs/wk gig but I can't give you an hour estimate for DM. I may not volunteer at all one month, but then when we have a class, I may be putting in 10-20 hours a week for a month.

Research: I have not done any research and have no interest in it at this point in time. I have no desire to apply to a research-heavy institution except Stanford for the hell of it since it's close to where I live.

So anyway, with the above stats, lemme know what schools you guys would recommend applying to if you were in my shoes since I'd like to get some sort of list together so I can get an idea of what classes I'll need. Thanks!