Which tests to take in which order?


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Jan 14, 2008
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Another way to go would be to do AAMC 3 first to see where you are at and then use 2 or 3 kaplans to work on your weaknesses and test taking skills if they aren't solid already. Then use those skills on AAMC 4 and see how you did and repeat the above step. Then take the rest in order. Just another way to do it.

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Jun 17, 2009
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They repeat a lot of passages that you've either seen in previous tests, or on your lessons/hmwk practicing. This can completely throw off the accuracy of your timing, etc if for instance you've seen a verbal passage before. Also they are, in general, just confidence killers. Most people see a lot of grade deflation in these FLs. Esp 10 and 11. I'd just say away. After FL6 move onto AAMC 3 and start adjusting to the different style.
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