While studying for the MCAT...

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curious premed

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Apr 2, 2013
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Hey all,
First time posting on SDN, have been a huge fan of the site since I became a premed and have really enjoyed all the advice...a little bit about myself, I am a sophomore and have just about finished my premed prerequisites. I am going to take Organic II and Physics II this semester and plan on taking the MCAT on August 27th. I enrolled in a Kaplan course for the spring semester and plan on doing self study over the summer along with maybe another course if I feel I need the extra help...even though studying for the MCAT will take up a lot of my time I feel like I'll have extra time on my hands over the summer...would it be wise to take on another extracurricular over the summer, maybe shadow a doctor or maybe do a little more volunteering, research, or even get a job? If yes, what things would you suggest that wouldn't be so time consuming? Or should I focus all my attention on studying for the MCAT and not take on anything extra?
What I'm basically asking is, what are some of the extracurriculars you kept yourself involved in while studying for the MCAT?

Any and all advice is appreciated :)

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I volunteered/shadowed while studying for 3-4 months over the summer the first time I took it. It served as a good break from studying whilst keeping me medically active.

The second time I took it I just spent four weeks reviewing in the evening after work.