Who is going to try for ortho?

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Jan 31, 2002
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I cannot get a straight answer out of anybody. No one wants to tell me because they think that I will make fun of them if they do not get it. But that is crap ( I know it is hard) and If I do not match make fun of me all you want. I will be trying really hard (I am going to do as many 4th year as my school allows as my school allows ( atleast 4. IF they have a problem with it, I will call it hand surgery, spine surgery and sports medicine.). I only wish I thought about going into it sooner, but so be it. I tought about general-- but I am more interested in bones and joints. If I do not get it, I think I will do a transitional year with all my electives in ortho (it will be better than a first year general surgery year) Then I will go do research and reapply until I get it. All I have ever been is discouraged from trying by everyone in my school. But when I talked to residents in the field they told me try and not believe everything that people say.

I am just curious if other people have felt the same way? If not about ortho but about other specialties?

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How about neurosurgery? If I can't do that then I'll go after ortho. Ha! I wish. I'll tell you after I look at my step 1 scores.
Have you visited Orthogate.com... some good info on there?
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I'll admit it. I'm going for ortho. Kind of depressing to study for Step I. I have to get a high score to match in Ortho. Of course, most of what I learn is irrelevant to Ortho. Oh well.

From what I understand, a low step 1 does not necessarily mean you are out of the game. I have been told to do some rotations and see if I like it. If so, then try and get a spot at a place that likes me and I fit in. That is hard because I only have so much time and there are only so many places I can go. I am goin to places where the residents I met were cool and could help me. Already in my third year, I am out htere meeting people and hoping for a chance. Everybody keep on keeping on.