who is STILL waiting for interview?

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I am still waiting for:

PCOM and ohio.

who else?

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PCOM and UMDNJ-SOM (or NJSOM if you like to call it that)

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so has anyone got rejected by pcom?

I sent my secondaries several months ago.

Good to hear I'm not alone, but I wish I would just get something. This is Damn nerve racking.

I too applied to PCOM several months ago (my secondary was complete by the end of september.) I interviewed just last week. Call them and ask about your status. I told them I had been accepted to UNECOM but would like to know whether i would be interviewed at PCOM and they invited me a week later.

Best of luck.

Hey Neel, this is Mohammed. Maybe I should tell them that I got accepted to UNECOM and lets see what happens. By the way, how was your PCOM interview??
I'll try your advice tomorrow. Thanks!
I called PCOM today and the lady who answered the phone was rude and sounded like she was too busy to even listen to what I had to say......I asked about my status and told her that I was accepted to UNECOM and that I was interested in hearing from PCOM, etc... and she told me to leave a deposit at the other school and that I have until March/April to hear from PCOM. She also mentioned this "If your file has been complete since early November, your file has been reviewed several times. It will be reviewed again until March/April." PCOM is a great school, but some of their office staff are rude while others are really nice. Guess it depends on who you get on the phone.

As for UMDNJ-SOM, Jennifer @ Admissions has been really nice and patient with me for the last few weeks (AACOMAS didn't send them my updated grades/profile, so I was very upset). She actually took the time to get my file! She said that it is awaiting review, but has not been reviewed yet. I would hear something anytime until mid-March.

Hope anyone else who tried to call had better luck than me!
pcom says that it is the biggest do school in the country, but to me, it is still so small. It only has one main building, that is it.

I don't want to start a fight but, actually, PCOM is more than 1 main building. It has a very new building that houses the library, computer labs, OMM lab, administration, etc. However the connected older building has 6 floors of classrooms and labs. Coupled with the Student Activities Center, its a pretty decent size place. Its not bigger than Penn of Jeff, but they're also part of undergrad institutions. That's just my two cents.
I called PCOM too-- and got some rude woman as well. Maybe she's tired of all of our phone calls, checking on the status of our applications.

I am sorry to hear about your phone call. I called in december and was told that they had the intention of scheduling me in soon, so i paid the deposit to UNECOM like she suggested and was interviewed last week. The interview was great, in fact i thought better than my UNECOM interview. They are going to let me know at the end of this month. It is hard choice between UNECOM and PCOM. The campus seems more attractive and i like the smaller student body at UNECOM, but the hospital affiliations at PCOM are better than UNECOM from what I can see.

Best of luck to all.

Well, I left my UNECOM deposit on Jan. 29th and I guess I'll just wait patiently for the last 2 schools. At least, I know I'll be going somewhere in the fall. I just wanted someplace closer to home since UNECOM is about 4.5 hrs away, but it's a good school and I can get used to it.

Patience is a virtue...
still waiting for:

UHS, DMU, and Nova
Hey nmetha,
I think i remember you said on another post that you were accepted to Meharry? You are not going to accept that offer? Just curious.

I am not sure what I am doing yet...I am still awaiting decisions from Tufts, UCONN, and PCOM. I have paid the $500 to hold my spot at Meharry.

hello, nmehta, are you a black?

i think that meharry is an all black college?

Originally posted by nmehta:

I am not sure what I am doing yet...I am still awaiting decisions from Tufts, UCONN, and PCOM. I have paid the $500 to hold my spot at Meharry.


No, I am not "black." I am Indian. Far from being an underrepresented minority in the field of medicine.

However, you bring up an important point which is one of the biggest misconceptions of Meharry. It is not a "black" school, but rather a school that has been designed to help train the health care professionals needed for underserved populations. This is their mission, and they look for this in your application. I have a degree in public health, and have spent many summers doing public health research. I am also currently employed at a non-profit Hispanic community health organization in Hartford, CT. I honestly feel this is the major reason why Meharry was interested in me. If you feel that you are interested in helping the underserved, i strongly recommend Meharry, and put forth your best effort to convey that to the adcomm.