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Who's going to Davis?


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Apr 11, 2001
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I liked the program a lot, and would recommend it to anyone interested in California. Several friends are interested in it as well, and whatever people feel like writing about their experiences on interview, rotation, or actually being a resident there would be of use to them.




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Sep 9, 2003
Palo Alto, CA
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i liked the program. the attendings came across as laid-back and friendly. the attendings i interviewed with came from across the country (and oceans as well) and seemed pretty diverse. the chair is australian but didn't give me the heebie-jeebies like another of his countrymen did. only met a few residents but they seemed happy.

i thought they had good, broad clinical training. introductory peds is done at children's in oakland but they also rotate at shriner's. trauma I center, mainly blunt trauma, IIRC. i would say that workload is on par with irvine and san diego, less than UCSF, UCLA, and stanford.

i wasn't too keen on living in sacramento though. it reminded a little too much of urbana-champaign in illinois. there are a few blocks downtown where you can fool yourself into thinking that you're in a big city but once you step away, it's pretty bare.
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