Why a 498 MCAT Is a Remarkable Achievement Worth Celebrating

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Oct 25, 2022
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You might already be aware that most people on this forum and r/MCAT tend to share their high MCAT scores of at least 510 or GPA above 3.8, which skews perceptions and does not accurately represent reality.

It’s important to remember that almost everyone sitting for the MCAT has already navigated through some of the most challenging classes in college. The attrition starts early; as many students drop out just from first semester Biology alone. As students progress through Biology I & II, General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry I, Organic Chemistry II, Biochemistry, Physics I, and Physics II, the pathway narrows further. I know many people who struggled to pass General Chemistry I alone or have had to take multiple times just to get a passing grade.

By the time of the MCAT, as significant number, if not the vast majority, have been filtered out. This leaves behind a group who’ve not only managed to meet, but often exceed, the challenging prerequisites. This feat alone is noteworthy. The fact that most of these people have already passed all of the prerequisites is a commendable achievement in and of itself. Consequently, when comparing scores, it’s vital to recognize that these comparisons are among a group that represents the upper echelons of academic achievers in the pre-med community.

Moreover, consider that DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) school candidates, who sometimes have lower MCAT scores, often secure the same types of jobs as MD graduates and perform equally well. The fact that many students are admitted to DO programs with scores around 498 illustrates that even what might be considered a lower score is still quite challenging to achieve. If a score of 498 weren’t competitive, DO schools wouldn’t regularly admit students with these scores. The stringent entry requirements for any health-related program reflect the high level of job security and salary these roles command, underscoring the accomplishment of all who gain admission.

Thus, reaching the stage of taking the MCAT itself is a testament to a candidate’s high motivation, exceptional intellect, and skill. Every student who embarks on this journey has achieved something truly significant, surpassing numerous hurdles that have halted many of their peers.

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