1. D

    Undergrad Student Seeking Opinions

    I am currently a Junior bio-med student in undergrad with plans on taking my first MCAT this spring. I have taken two diagnostic tests and have scored 485 both times. I fear that the MCAT is going to hold me back from acceptances. I have a semi-decent GPA of 3.5, a few hundred clinical hours...
  2. R

    Do I have a chance to apply this year? Or should I consider something else?

    Should I even attempt to apply to medical school: 7 years as an LPN, 3.0 GPA B.S. in Biology, 1 resolved DUI on record, and an army veteran? The dui clinical founding was that I don’t have a drug/alcohol problem. Please advise , I feel hopeless and trying to figure out how and if to move forward.
  3. Lokesh170816

    RN to MD transition process [2 year old RN transition to Medschool], please help

    Thanks all, I am a 25-year-old Registered Nurse who completed nursing school two years ago. Although I have no premedical background beyond the fundamentals of biology and anatomy for nursing school, I am now interested in pursuing more education (med school). I am applying for Canadian Schools...
  4. Rose99924@

    What to do?

    Hello, I just graduated from college and I’m too late for all of this. I have a couple of ECs, shadowing but that was virtually because of the pandemic, one research opportunity (not relate to humans per se) one leadership role, TA for science classes over a semester; not enough . I’m working...
  5. LindaAccepted

    Medical Retaking Classes For Med School: What Every Premed Needs to Know

    If you have retaken classes in the past – or expect to need to retake a class in the future – this post will help you understand this element of your profile, in general, for the AMCAS application, and for the AACOMAS application, as needed. 1. All grades earned are calculated into the...
  6. H

    Biomedical Sciences masters program?

    Hello everyone, I am looking for some advice. Sorry for the lengthy post. I am a URM nontraditional premed student who graduated with a BS in biology and got a 3.28 cGPA and a 3.15 sGPA. I worked full-time for 3 yrs while in school to sustain myself, which made me miss out on many...
  7. Kia TheOne

    Agnes Scott College Summer 2024

    Hey yall! I just wanted to start a thread for people accepted and applying to any of the Agnes Scott Post-bac programs. I just committed to the Med-Accelerated program. :) looking to connect with my future classmates.
  8. M

    WAMC? Should I Apply DO or Just MD?

    Hello, I applied to 28 MD, submitting my secondaries 2-3 weeks after receiving them, so I was finished around early-mid August. I was planning on applying to 3-5 DO schools to have more options, since my stats are mid. Honestly, I was more focused on the 28 MD at the beginning of the summer and...
  9. S

    Physics Pre-Requisite Transfer Question

  10. Seldentaleli

    Please Help: Masters vs. Post Bacc?

    Hello everyone, I really need some help and will take any advice I can get! I made a post a couple of days ago but decided to make a more detailed one to provide more information. I graduated college with a 2.45uGPA and even lower sGPA. Since, I have taken a large course load of courses every...
  11. O

    WAMC MD 2023-2024 3.8, 517

    What are my chances for the 2023-2024 cycle. I applied already but have not received any interviews yet so someone on edit told me to post here. I have: MCAT: 517 (Chm/Phy : 128 CARRS: 129 Bio/Biochem: 129 Psych/Soc: 131) overall GPA: 3.8 BCPM GPA: 3.77 FL resident
  12. T

    Advice for how to spend the next year leading up to 2024/25 cycle

    I graduated 2021 with a psyc major and bad grades. my cGPA was 2.395 year 1, 2.418 year 2, 2.591 year 3, and then 2.844 at graduation. There's slight upward trend but the higher semester GPAs I got in my last 2 years weren't enough to un-anker myself from my extremely poor performance early on...
  13. Seldentaleli

    Should I do a masters or just focus on taking more post bacc classes?

    Hi everyone! I have a very general question. If I got my cGPA up from a 2.47 to a 3.0+ just from post-bacc classes (aka I graduated with a 2.47 and have been taking classes since), do I have a chance of getting into med school without doing a masters, given that my MCAT and ECs are sufficient...
  14. A

    Does is matter when I take A&P?

    I’m transferring and want to take my schools Morphology and Function Honors classes, because I feel they will look better. Currently, I’m going into my Junior year. I have to take O Chem 2 this semester before I can sign up for them. This means I can take A&P1 in the spring and A&P 2 next Fall...
  15. C

    Non traditional premed have many options and can’t decide

    Hi, i really need some advice and help. I am in FL. I am an icu nurse less than 1 year and wanted to became a crna. However after working as an icu nurse, I didn't like it. I have tried to figure out something else to do. Now I have 3 options and it has been very difficult for me to decide. 1...
  16. P

    In need of a remote job that’s not scribing

    Bottom line is I’m broke, and I would love to have at least a small source of income while in school. I was hoping for a remote job since I do not have my own car and I will have a hefty school schedule this year ( not to mention I am a commuter student so I cannot take on-campus jobs). I saw...
  17. LindaAccepted

    Medical Premed Confidential: The Wisdom of Journaling

    In a minute, I’m going to provide some rock-solid advice that, if experience is any guide, you’ll ignore. You’ll ignore it even though, on some level, you suspect it’s sound advice that would boost the odds of your being admitted to medical school, if only you would act on it. So I’m going to...
  18. G


    Hi everyone, I want to thank you all in advance for reviewing my stats. I appreciate it so much and value all of your opinions. I didn't include DO on this list because I'm not adverse to taking another gap year to study again for the MCAT if I must, so I decided to take a shot in the dark and...
  19. green_capy

    WAMC: (MD-PhD) 3.79 cGPA, 3.82 sGPA, 517 MCAT ORM

    Hello! I’m applying to MD/PhD programs this cycle and am thinking of getting a PhD in BME or related engineering discipline. I’m a first time applicant and just graduated from undergrad, will be doing post-bacc research in a new lab this upcoming year. I’m not confident with my stats and am...
  20. A

    Do’s and Do nots for writing secondaries?

    Hello! What are some common dos and do nots for writing secondaries? From speaking with a couple folks I have: Do’s: - Begin with the in state schools - Make clear outlines to address the prompt specifically - Be specific to the med school in question Do Nots: - Copy paste from other prompts...
  21. ApplyPoint

    Need Clinical Experience? Consider a Medical Scribe Position.

    If you’re a pre-med on the hunt for some high-quality clinical experiences, medical scribing could be an excellent fit. This paid position can help you to develop a strong network of provider relationships, gain an excellent foundation in medical terminology, observe clinical decision-making...
  22. D


  23. DavolaDevito

    Need HELP deciding between SJSU or Cal Poly SLO for premed as a biology student

    Pros for SJSU: close to home (can commute ~15 mins away), slightly cheaper tuition, in the center of various hospitals and medical centers (might be too competitive to get a spot) Cons for SJSU: not highly competitive for premed, ranked slightly lower (big fish in small pond?), will have to get...
  24. A

    512/3.73 cGPA Cali Applicant - WAMC/Is there hope?

    Hello All! Please give me a dose of much-needed reality. Here are my stats/background: Undergrad: UC, graduated in 2021 (in my second gap year now) cGPA 3.73, sGPA 3.63 (strong upward trend) MCAT: 512 (C/P score is 124 sadly, other sections are more balanced) Residence: California (RIP) Race...
  25. M

    Taking An Additional Gap Year: Should I Get New LORs?

    Hello, I'm a graduating senior who was initially planning on taking only 1 gap year and applying this current 2023-2024 cycle. That being said, I've come to the decision to take an additional (2nd) gap year which means I will apply next cycle. Granted that I initially wanted to apply this...
  26. S

    advice/school list for 503 (122 in cars), 3.9 gpa

    I retook a 500 (126/123/125/126) and I got a 503 (127/122/129/125) ): cars is the devil itself. I honestly thought I did way better, but it is what it is at this point. I do not plan to retake and I really do want to apply this cycle. This is how the rest of my app looks like: 1000+ clinical...
  27. B

    Prereq problem

    TL;DR; I enrolled in an online Gen Chem 1 lecture & lab because I wasn’t able to attend. University advisors keep me waiting and then say they won’t accept it as a Gen Chem 2 prereq a month after I asked them. I’m disappointed right now. I enrolled in Gen Chem 1 at UC Extension because I was...
  28. Lunargravity

    Working toward second degree while applying in 2024

    So I withdrew my application last cycle after voiding my MCAT and plan to rework and improve my application for 2024. However at the end of last year I revisited my interest in computer programming that I've have since high school and enrolled in an intro course at my local cc and will be...
  29. P

    How do physicians get involved with public health?

    I would love to be a practicing physician at a clinic ( dermatology, allergy, psychiatry, or what so have you) while being involved in public health ( a lot of my ecs and interests are public health centered) But I want to have an idea on how does a practicing physician fit in the field of...
  30. F

    WAMC/School List Advice: Sincerely, an overachieving pre-med

    Good evening my fellow pre-med (and possibly med) friends! I would absolutely LOVE and appreciate any advice on my school list for the upcoming cycle. Disclaimer: I was a massive overachiever in undergrad (graduated 2021), so I am having to combine a lot of my experiences into one umbrella...
  31. madamemichaelscott

    MD [Deleted]

  32. M

    WAMC: Should I apply this cycle vs. next cycle? PRE-MED

    Hi, I have a quick inquiry. I'm struggling with identifying if I should apply this cycle or next cycle due to my MCAT score. I'd appreciate some feedback. Since everything in life is conditional and varies per person a quick summary: I am scheduled for an April 28th test date; however, I am...
  33. P

    How do adcoms make the difference between good, bad, and excellent clinical experience

    What is the criteria used to categorize clinical experience by adcoms? Is it hours, the type of experience, how you write, or some other criteria
  34. D

    WAMC? GPA 3.7/3.6; MCAT 517

    Hi, I need just general feedback on my school list - if there any i should just totally take off or schools that would be helpful to add. I plan on applying MD and DO but for DO the only schools I def want to apply to are PCOM and PCOM GA. I'm mostly looking on feedback on my MD list. I have...
  35. E


  36. A

    2 W’s affecting admission chances for T 50’s and T 20’s?

    Hi! I am a junior premed majoring in Public Health and minoring in Chemistry (SEC School) I currently have a 3.98 GPA and have finished all my premed prerequisites, making As in all prerequisites with the exception of a B+ in gen chem 1. I am currently in research (grant proposal submitted!)...
  37. noelmedicine1

    Taking Pre-Medicine Courses at Community College

    Would it harm my medical school application, if I completed all the pre-requisites courses at a community college? I graduated from university last spring with a bachelor’s degree in business. I understand it’s better to complete the courses at a four-year institutions but the colleges in my...
  38. A

    How does being an American Red Cross Phlebotomist help my chances?

    Hello! Still trying to work on my schools list going - wondering if I should write about my phlebotomy experience at ARC in my personal statement though Ive only been a phlebotomist for a couple months. Some stats: 1. 3.6 cGPA, 3.8 sGPA, 4.0 post bacc gpa, strong upward curve. 2. 511 total...
  39. DITKI

    USMLE/COMLEX Ditki - Medical & Biological Sciences - FREE TRIAL + COUPON

    With a multimodal platform that supports lifelong learning, ditki offers a better way to master the medical sciences. Free Trial + Save 20% with code: NEWDITKI #ditki #medicalstudent #medicine #medicalscience #usmle #abpn #neurocme #cme #nursing #premed #mcat #medicaltraining #futuredoctor...
  40. crazyotter

    What’s the most badass medical specialty?

    We all know premeds who constantly ask about the money. But what about general badassery? Which type of doctor is the most badass? Badassery can be anything you think it is, as long as you explain your reasoning! :)