1. L

    WAMC? GPA 3.7/3.6; MCAT 517

    Hi, I need just general feedback on my school list - if there any i should just totally take off or schools that would be helpful to add. I plan on applying MD and DO but for DO the only schools I def want to apply to are PCOM and PCOM GA. I'm mostly looking on feedback on my MD list. I have...
  2. E


  3. A

    2 W’s affecting admission chances for T 50’s and T 20’s?

    Hi! I am a junior premed majoring in Public Health and minoring in Chemistry (SEC School) I currently have a 3.98 GPA and have finished all my premed prerequisites, making As in all prerequisites with the exception of a B+ in gen chem 1. I am currently in research (grant proposal submitted!)...
  4. noelmedicine1

    Taking Pre-Medicine Courses at Community College

    Would it harm my medical school application, if I completed all the pre-requisites courses at a community college? I graduated from university last spring with a bachelor’s degree in business. I understand it’s better to complete the courses at a four-year institutions but the colleges in my...
  5. A

    How does being an American Red Cross Phlebotomist help my chances?

    Hello! Still trying to work on my schools list going - wondering if I should write about my phlebotomy experience at ARC in my personal statement though Ive only been a phlebotomist for a couple months. Some stats: 1. 3.6 cGPA, 3.8 sGPA, 4.0 post bacc gpa, strong upward curve. 2. 511 total...
  6. DITKI

    USMLE/COMLEX Ditki - Medical & Biological Sciences - FREE TRIAL + COUPON

    With a multimodal platform that supports lifelong learning, ditki offers a better way to master the medical sciences. Free Trial + Save 20% with code: NEWDITKI #ditki #medicalstudent #medicine #medicalscience #usmle #abpn #neurocme #cme #nursing #premed #mcat #medicaltraining #futuredoctor...
  7. crazyotter

    What’s the most badass medical specialty?

    We all know premeds who constantly ask about the money. But what about general badassery? Which type of doctor is the most badass? Badassery can be anything you think it is, as long as you explain your reasoning! :)
  8. HappyPerson

    Touro Montana Acceptance

    1.) can residency be done in any state after graduating medical school? 2.) is there an issue with being the first inaugural class for a medical school? Will there be an issue with accreditation in the future? 3.) is there anything I should be know before attending Touro? I’m incredible happy...
  9. P

    LOR Questions

    Hello, just some questions about LORs. Thanks in advance! Background: My school offers a cover letter and creates a letter packet with letters we submit. They order the letters 1 through 6, and based on that order, letters are submitted to schools. So if I submit 6 letters to my school numbered...
  10. D

    Meharry Medical College Master of health Science 2023

    Hi all! My name is Denicia and I have applied for Meharry's MHS program in hopes to matriculate into medical school during the 2024 cycle. I made this thread to connect and ask/answer questions by making a small community for us applying to this program.
  11. S

    WAMC/School List - ORM, average GPA, very low MCAT (prior to retake)

    Hello! I’d love to start thinking of list of schools based on everything below, as well as what my chances are looking like for this upcoming cycle in June. Major: Business Administration cGPA: 3.8 (including summer CC classes) and sGPA: 3.68 MCAT scores: 503 (retaking this June, but want to...
  12. R

    Studying 8 months away from MCAT?

    Hello everyone, hope your holiday season is going well! I was wondering how you would recommend I study for the MCAT if I am taking it in about 7-8 months. Would you recommend starting with content review? I may have to do two content review sessions because I will forget as the months progress...
  13. S

    Need Advice on Admission Chances

    cGPA: 3.80 and sGPA: 3.70 509 (128/124/128/129) Previous attempts: 505, 506, and these exams were taken 1.5 years ago State of residence: IL Ethnicity: Middle Eastern (ORM) University of Illinois-Champaign ~3500 clinical hours as an ER scribe before/during COVID-19, Surgical assistant in a...
  14. W

    Long SOM vs Dell

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out which school to rank higher on TMDSAS. I could find only one post about this from 2018. Now that 4 years have passed and Dell has become more established, I'm curious to hear other opinions on this comparison. Personally, I found the culture/ vibe at both...
  15. L

    NP School, While Applying

    I've practiced as a registered nurse and am ready to pursue medical school. I should have my application ready by next cycle. However, I'm not ignorant of that fact that this is an incredibly competitive process. Due to this, I'd like to pursue both a nurse practitioner degree (2-3 year program)...
  16. B

    Retaking Online Course In-Person

    I'm currently a student in a post-baccalaureate program to finish up prerequisites I haven't taken before. In my undergrad years, I took both the lecture component of Physics 1 and 2 online where exams were proctored in person but the lectures were all online. This was all done pre-pandemic. I...
  17. W

    Interviewer said "Hopefully we get to see you next year" three times. Good sign?

    My interviewer is on the admissions team. He said that to me at the end of the interview one time, by the end of the interview day when I said goodbye a second time, and when he responded to my thank you email a third time. He also replied to my thank you note very fast. I sent it at 8pm on a...
  18. S

    UCSD Master's in Clinical Research

    Hi All, I've seen some others posting about biomedical masters programs so I thought this program would be of interest to the forum. UCSD's Master's in Clinical Research is a 1-year program which provides training in medical research skills like clinical trials, biostatistics, epidemiology, and...
  19. ApplyPoint

    Medical Study Finds Perseverance the Most Common Theme of the AMCAS W&A Entries of Highly Successful Medical Students

    Earlier this year, researchers Joseph M. Maciuba, Yating Teng, Matthew Pflipsen, Mary A. Andrews, and Steven J. Durning published findings from early research into the qualitative differences in the AMCAS applications of medical students identified as high performing (via entry into a medical...
  20. ApplyPoint

    Medical Are you a Premedical Student with a Nonscience Major? Check Out These Schools.

    All premedical students are required to take prerequisites in life sciences before applying to medical school. But the humanities also offer valuable preparation for prospective physicians. In the fall of 2020, about 12 percent of the entering students in the U.S. News top 10 programs in...
  21. C

    TBR or EK?

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing fine. I am close to start studying for the MCAT which I am planning to take on April 2023. I got my hands on used books from TBR and EK thanks to some friends who passed them down to me. I was wondering which ones would be better to use for content review. For now my...
  22. Lunargravity

    Planning to Void 9/9 MCAT, Considering Withdrawing but Primary Application Already Verified for Both TMDSAS and AACOMAS

    So given my AAMC full length scores I will more than likely not get a score at or above 500 on my MCAT and will be voiding it to retake in January. Currently sitting at around 489-491 from my practice exams which I know just won't cut it. I kept pushing back my mcat date since June and was only...
  23. T

    Should I take labs or lecture only DIY Postbacc

    I'm starting a DIY postbacc this year, looking to mostly take upper level bios as I already did all the basic prereqs during my first undergrad and got a C or higher. My question is should I take the labs with these upper level bio courses, or just stick with the lectures (the classes are all...
  24. M

    Casper: Medical School Report

    What do medical schools actually see when they receive a student's casper report? I've been told that they can view more than a student's quartile, but what are the details of this (can they read exact responses, etc.)? Thanks!
  25. evagria

    Nursing student to MD/DO. Not sure what to do.

    Hi all! Glad I found this website/forum because I was having no luck getting any constructive feedback anywhere else so I’m hoping the feedback is better here. I am a 29 year old senior nursing student in an ADN program. I’ve always wanted to do medicine, even in high school but a string of...
  26. P


  27. J

    Advice on Joining Army/Air National Guard Prior to Med School

    Hi All, I’m looking for some advice on whether joining the Army or Air National Guard will hinder or aide my progress for applying to med school. It will most certainly prolong the process but I’m still interested to hear others opinions. I’m several years away from applying because I need to...
  28. J

    Advice on Joining Army/Air National Guard Prior to Med School

    Hi All, I’m looking for some advice on whether joining the Army or Air National Guard will hinder or aide my progress for applying to med school. It will most certainly prolong the process but I’m still interested to hear others opinions. I’m several years away from applying because I need to...
  29. MS2023

    Do I classify my courses as Health Science or BCPM?

    I have a degree in medical laboratory science and when planning my application for the next cycle I was unsure how my courses would be classified. All my courses were all technically taken from the “Allied Health” school of the university and their course number indicates that. However, many of...
  30. kd*

    I was looking at Male/Female ratio at UMich across the years and ...

    Why does it spike like this from 2017 to 2018? I've seen similar discussions on reddit about Emory and others and a lot of people chalk it up to males being more interested in engineering/cs. But that type of shift doesn't happen in 1 year, so what's going on?
  31. V

    Need help planning my next few years

    Context: I am a computer science major at a lesser-known 4-year state school. I completed 6 semesters (3 years) at this college before I was diagnosed with cancer last August. I had a mediastinal NSGCT in my right lung and my oncologist told me I had a 40-45% percent chance of survival. Really...
  32. pastagirl


    Can you do well on MMI if you didn't do well on Casper? Or, how can you improve in the MMI? @wysdoc
  33. endroller78

    Really Need Some Direction: Low GPA/Stagnant Trend, should I do a postbac for MD?

    General Information: I'm a first-generation student, and I am currently a student studying biochem, and I originally planned on applying for the 2024 cycle (one gap year). My senior year is about to start soon (2022-2023). I left some details left unclear for privacy. If you want to know the...
  34. D

    RN to MD?

    Hi everyone, Thanks for reading this. I am an ER RN in my mid-20s in WA. I have always wanted to work in healthcare. When I was a child, I dreamt of becoming a doctor, however, once I learned about the rigorous admission requirements and long hours of residency, I decided I wanted to go the...
  35. OchemOficionado

    ***2022-2023 URM Medical School Application Thread***

    It's that time of the year again! Please feel free to share your cGPA, sGPA, MCAT, Major, if you're non-trad, your ECs, etc. and ask and answer questions! Dates: AMCAS Opens - May 3rd, 2022 Application Submission - May 31st, 2022 Completed Applications Transmitted to Medical Schools - June...
  36. E

    Is scribing and caregiving (“non-medical”) a decent combination for clinical experience?

    I’ve read comments where adcoms say they’re looking for patient interaction and an informed decision (to apply to medical school) from applicants. The thing is, I’m not sure either job fulfills the requirements for patient care. I work with elderly clients at their private homes through a...
  37. A

    Thoughts on Oxford PhD before career planning crisis

    Hi everyone, I am a current 4th year premed student at Duke. I have always planned on pursuing an MD/PhD but after a fruitful research abroad experience last year I have been offered a (funded) 3-year PhD spot in a lab at Oxford. In terms of my background, I have a 3.99cGPA, 3.97 sGPA...
  38. C


  39. A

    UCSD Extension, UNE Online, or SCU of Health Sciences - Which is preferable to medical schools for accepting retaken premedical prerequisites?

    Hello! I am a little conflicted right now. So basically, I just graduated from my 4-year university and I have completed all of my pre-medical prerequisites. Unfortunately, for one of my classes, Biology 2, I did not receive a passing grade (received a grade lower than a C in the lecture but...
  40. K

    Free Premedical Event

    Hi everyone! KAMSA (Korean American Medical Student Association) from the Medical College of Georgia is hosting a premedical online event on May 14th from 10AM-2PM. This event is targeted for premedical students hoping to learn more about different medical specialties, medical student...