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Why Be A Doctor?


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Nov 25, 2002
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forgive us...

the first someone asks...we give a nice long answer....

but with each consecutitive time someone asks...the responses get shorter and shorter till it becomes worthless posts like this one.

but if you want you can do a search and a lot of threads will pop up and i am sure you will be able to see the varied reasons of why the different members on sdn want to become a physician.

if im not mistaken...there just might be one on this page....entitled....
"what are you doing here" that just came about yesterday i believe.

hope that helps.

and oh for me...my number 1 answer was not chicks. :haha: i already have a great one at the moment.
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umass rower

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Jul 24, 2003
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If you do cosmetic plastic surgery, you can spend your days making the bodies of other men's trophy wives more youthful, after which you can test the goods to make sure they're working properly.

But I'm with Neuronix on the car thing, but for me there's an M5 out there with my name on it.


cogito ergo sum
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Oct 24, 2003
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I'm going into it for the pharmaceutical perks - vacations, free meals, lots of bells and whistles, etc. Plus, I get to use some neat drug for medical problems that don't warrant its usage.

Man, I can't wait to get started! Yay for doctors! :clap:
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