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Just wondering why the mod who looks like Screech from "Saved by the Bell" closed a med forum thread that was meant to be positive. Anyhow Screech looking dude is a mod. in and is a dental student and I dont know but he gots against me but he annoys me anyhow and he closes any thread he gets a chance/excuse to when I open one. If you got something against me Screech, then pm me, dont use your Moderator Status to get to me.

O Wait. Are you going to team up with another Mod. and try to put me "on hold" status and use your Mod powers because I hurt your feelings?
Peace out all!

Original Thread
Freedom of Speech

Idea for how to TERMINATE future MD vs DO Bashing on Forums and in General...


The best way for others not to think a DO is inferior to an MD is to freakin STOP talking about it and scaring off the pre-meders who are going to have this biased thought and once they become MDs think DOs are inferior and the cycle goes on. If just everyone comes to the notion that DO=MD (they can practice and do the SAME EXACT PROCEDURES as MDs) then no one will bash the other. And there wont be too many DO vs Carrib questions, or how do you explain being a DO to relatives or patients, or lets rank DO schools to help the DO reputation.

The best way to help the DO reputation is to stop comparing it to the MD program and be proud of it, period! No justifications, no explainations, no worrying about explaining yourself to others (who gives a crap if someone bashes you for your title: One senerio, they are either MDs and you get the same pay as them so who gives a crap. The other senerio is people who don't know jack **** about medicine and their opinion is too idiotic to even worry about or consider.


I don't know crap about the AOA, but I think they should get their act together when it comes to standarizing their exams, requiring this and that, can not practice in so and so states if you did not do so and do DO internship. Make it Universal and stop freaking trying to separate it from Medicine that it confuses people and future students, all in all Just make everything standarized and every state law the same and consider DO as MD +OMM period.


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NO not freedom of speach..
Please stop starting these kind of threads.

The majority of DO student and knowledgable pre-DO's don't want to see these kind of threads any more... MEANING MAJORITY rules.

This is a nice post.. so please don't reply to my post.


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Don't go re-posting a thread that was closed.
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