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Nov 21, 2014
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Increase of LDL receptors (upregulation due to feedback) explains decrease in blood cholesterol levels by endocytosis of LDLs. Why does the HDL increase?:eyebrow:
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Osaka, Japan
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Jan 18, 2012
Osaka, Japan
@Phloston I remember reading somewhere that drug-induced invrease in HDL is not as "good"/beneficial as exercise induced increases .Is that right?

Lifestyle modifications are always the right answer as initial Tx. Depends what you mean by good. For instance best initial Tx for low hdl is lifestyle modification, but this only increases hdl 10-15%. Niacin however can increase hdl 35-45% but has NOT shown mortality benefit and is actually ill-advised because it's diabetogenic and can cause gout and flushing. There was some study that was stopped early comparing statins vs combo of statins + niacin, and the latter had worse outcome. We know hdl is protective but aims to increase it haven't shown an improvement of mortality. So exercise is still superior from the hdl angle.
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